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Former 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Comes Out as Gay

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  • I would have rather died than say I'm gay and I think that was sort of my wake-up call.

  • It was definitely a cool experience after watching his work for so long and actually be part of it but I tried not to go into it with expectations because I didn't want to be disappointed or whatever, so I tried to take it at face value and enjoy it that way.

  • It all started when he was a senior in high school and broke up with his girlfriend, who was captain of the cheerleading team.

And also, the people I've told are my friends and I'm friends with people who are sex-positive and totally liberal and are cool with people doing their own thing.

  • Colton looked on with his father from the comfort of their couch in downtown Minneapolis Minnesota, as Philadelphia 76ers point guard Allen Iverson dropped Los Angeles Lakers guard Tyronn Lue with the coldest crossover he had ever seen, before sinking a bucket and stepping over Lue, seemingly snatching his soul from his body in the process.

  • Sandy was a member of the Colton Library Board of Directors for many years and was devoted to the Higley Association, helping in any way she could.

  • The bullies said he was gay, and he says he believed it.