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American Girl Dolls, Risk, sand make it to toy hall of fame

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35 Best Toys for 10

Not only does this go up and down but it can also rotate incomplete 360 degrees, with an ergonomic design that can hold up to 300 lbs.

  • Our lab experts found that it works well on all different nail sizes, so she can decorate Mom's nails, too.

  • In fact, it has Anna and Elsa right on the front hood.

  • An excellent quiet time activity that is also functional- the perfect gift! This award-winning toy also creates a great opportunity for parents to play with their children, as it comes with so many pieces.

Toy Sets Looking for the perfect? Topping out just over 7 miles per hour, a range of 8.

  • Make a splash with this beautiful, hand-crocheted! Trust me - kids know what they like and aren't shy about it.

  • So give a little girl in your life a chance to do a fun craft and pamper herself with the! It is soft to the touch and comes in many different colors.

  • Their dolls encourage educational play and hairstyling leaving young girls feeling empowered.