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Shaq's ex

And real hoopz Hpz :

And real hoopz Where is

And real hoopz Where is

It’s Over For Real This Time: Shaq and Hoopz Breakup Over Her Drama

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And real hoopz Nicole Alexander

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Flavor Of Love: What Happened to 'Hoopz' Nicole Alexander After Winning Season 1

And real hoopz It’s Over

And real hoopz Guess Who’s

Hpz : TheRealHoopz

After that, a boat is waiting for him.

  • Whiteboy states that he now has Megan's back and vice versa because she was trying to protect him by going after The Entertainer, Heather, and 12 Pack.

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  • Place Contestant 1 Pumkin 2 Heather 3 The Entertainer 4 Chance 5 12 Pack 6 Destiney 7 Toastee 8 Megan 9 Whiteboy 10 Rodeo 12 Brandi C.

The contestants put on their uniforms and to the field where they find that their next challenge is the Spit Olympics, based on Pumkin's famous spit fight with New York on Flavor of Love.

  • You have to follow that.

  • When asked about his elimination, Mr.

  • After the challenge Megan tries to convince Pumkin that she needs to eliminate one of the Stallionaires, because the Green Team has only five members meaning that Brandi C.

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